Chinese Dwarf Hamsters a Fascinating and Endearing Breed

Chinese dwarf hamster image

It may look a bit like a rat, but having a Chinese Dwarf Hamster in your home can be a boat load of fun, especially if you know how to show it the proper care it needs.


Originating from the great plains of Northern China and Mongolia, these fascinating creatures grow to about 4 -5 inches long in their adulthood and are ideal pets for a gentle and caring owner.



Facts about Chinese Dwarf Hamsters


Fact #1 They Prefer To Live Alone

Not unlike many other breeds of hamsters, the Chinese Dwarf Hamster enjoys solitude and prefers to be the only occupant in its habitat. Introducing another hamster to the cage, especially after the hamster reaches adulthood, will often result in fights and injury.

In order to ensure that they live in a healthy and conducive environment, it’s best to provide each hamster with its own cage.


Fact #2 They Have Longer Tails Than Other Breeds

Part of the reason why they have a more mice-like appearance is because of their relativity longer tail.

However, their tails do not just give them a rat-like appearance, they also additional balance that make them much better jumpers and climbers than other breeds of hamsters.


Fact #3 They Were Originally Used for Laboratory Testing’s

Although they’re now popular household pets, Chinese Dwarf Hamsters were originally bred in laboratories for testing purposes.

However, they were soon replaced by the common lab rats, which happen to be easier to breed and keep.


Fact #4 They Can Be Quite Timid When They’re Young

Please be gentle when you first interact with a Chinese Dwarf Hamster. It can be easily startled, especially at a young age.

However, if you handle them with care and allow them to get used to your presence, they’ll start to interact with you and can become endearing pets.

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Fact #5 they like to cling on Your Fingers Once They’re Comfortable with You

One of the sweet gestures (and a sign that your pet has gotten used to you) is that they like to cling onto your fingers with all four paws, much like how a mice would cling onto a corn stalk.

Once these hamsters are comfortable with you and become tame in your presence, your many interactions with them can bring about endless joy.

How to Care For a Chinese Dwarf Hamster